What are you avoiding?

Without continual growth and progress, such words as Improvement, Achievement and Success have no meaning -Ben Franklin

It is human nature to stay where it’s easy, comfortable, and cozy. We’ve all been frustrated with ourselves or someone we know with great potential or talent but aren’t willing to move outside of their comfort zone. What do you think causes this behavior? Does success scare us? Or perhaps it’s the fear of failure?

For many, fear or fear of failure are absolutely the issue. They find themselves often fighting that looming fear of “What if it doesn’t work?” But for others, it is less of an issue whether it will work but more the dread of all “the work” it takes. That work, which is simply a part of the process, is also the inevitable growing pains. Going back to school would mean a lot of work including late night studying and less free time. Growing in your career may require the work of starting over or relocating. Or starting or running a business requires a level of work and commitment greater than working for someone else.

The “work” I’m referring to requires an extensive amount of energy and a level of sacrifice not many are apt to give. This “work” makes you rethink your situation and resign to believe where you are is not that bad afterall. But there is no substitution for hard work! And “No pain, no gain!’ So what growing pains are you avoiding? Or how do you know if you’re experiencing growing pains?

You might be experiencing growing pains if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of doing one more thing
  • Avoiding certain tasks
  • Defaulting to things that come easy to you
  • Constantly procrastinating

Sound familiar? Listen, the growth of your career, business, or even your life WILL NOT be easy. It will not “just” happen. There are no quick tricks, secret sauce, or 2 steps to make you uber successful, easily promoted or get you an audience with Oprah!

True growth will require you to:

  • Move out of your comfort zone
  • Feel overwhelmed at times
  • Not be in control all the time
  • Stretch more than you thought possible
  • Persist and push through the growing pains

What is the thing you desire to do in 2017? Growth is great but it’s not always convenient. Growth is achieved when either of these two things take place:

  1. The pain of your past or current situation is big enough to cause change
  2. Or the desire to achieve your goal is big enough to endure the pain of the process

If either one of those scenarios does not move you to change, then what are you avoiding? Remember – the bigger the challenges, the bigger the opportunity for growth.

Your Courageous Life Mentor,