Who will I be if I Stay?

“Who will I be if I stay?” This was the heart-wrenching question Diana (Wonder Woman) had to ask before going off to war. It was the moment when she finally realized she was stronger than she ever thought. The moment she knew in her gut there was so much more for her to do than just staying where it was safe and comfortable. (Sound familiar?) She was torn (like many of us have been) by the pleas of her family and inner circle to stay where it’s protected and predictable. However, she knew she was destined to do more.  

This was the most pivotal moment of the movie for me. It was at that moment I remembered feeling the exact same way while I worked in corporate America. The gravitational pull between leaving what I knew for sure and doing what I was called to seemed way bigger than me. I also understand that I’m not alone in this; it’s a moment that everyone has either faced or will face. The time when it’s no longer something to just consider but forces greater than yourself propel you to leap.  For me, it was leaving my cushy exec job. It took years of school and student loans (lol) to get there. And it took, even more, years of climbing the corporate ladder, facing the challenges that come with being the “only one” in the room just to arrive at a place of pseudo-contentment.

When I was finally in the room and found the courage to own it, it was then I asked myself “Is this it? There has to be more?” It wasn’t about the money.  It was more like “I’m not excited to get up and do this every day”.  And “I can’t do this for the rest of my life”. This doesn’t fit me. I was being pulled to do and be more.

But just like Wonder Woman, there came a point in time when I had to ask myself, “Who will I be if I stay?” I could stay and continue to climb and grow and accumulate accolade after accolade. But at the end of the day, I would still feel empty and unfilled. I KNEW I was created for more!  The very reason I was born was on the other side of my comfort. But I refused to let comfort win!!

We all reach those crossroads. Those moments when those around us say things like, “Don’t leave your “good job”. “Starting a business is hard for a woman.” “You will never make the kind of money you make now”. Your crossroads and pivotal moment may be different than mine. Maybe it’s a career move you have been contemplating? Maybe it’s relocation? School? Or a major purchase?  Whatever it is, if you know what is in front of you is far greater than what’s been familiar to you, ask yourself…”Who Will I be If I Stay?”