Executive Mentorship


Our executive mentorship program provides women leaders a high-level of support, coaching, and accountability to succeed in their role.This program is designed for:

  • Newly promoted directors and executives
  • Recently hired external directors and executives
  • High-potential mid-level managers
  • Executives leading large-scale change

During our time together we’ll ensure that you are equipped with a long-term plan for success.

Program Overview: 
This program consist of:

  • 1-day on-boarding and strategy planning session (face-to-face or skype)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • 360 Feedback

What’s in it for you?
Our mentorship program provides targeted support in the following areas:

  • An on-boarding approach for new leaders to help build relationships and deliver results quickly
  • An intentional growth strategy for leadership development
  • Development of core leadership competencies needed for the role and the organization
  • Identify and maximize signature strengths
  • Development of a bold and intentional leadership style that enables you to:
    • Take more calculated risks
    • Push the boundaries of yourself, your team, and the organization
  • Develop further in the competency of change leadership
  • Assistance in key transition periods such as: new role, new team, or major organizational change

During our time together we’ll work on:

  • Cultural Competence and organizational savvy
  • Leadership presence and confidence
  • Change and Team leadership
  • Authenticity
  • Influencing others
  • Personal branding as well as self-promotion
  • Building Strong Relationships

To find out more about our executive mentorship program email us at info@red-roxx.com.