Courageous in Career & Leadership


Hey Power Mover in Leadership!

Are You Ready to:

  • Take Your Career to the Next Level?
  • Have a Strategic-Thought Partner who Inspires & Challenges You?
  • Expand your influence?
  • Make a shift in your career or leadership?
  • Have a Safe Place to discuss Your Most Pertinent Personal & Career/Leadership Dilemmas?  











Our Leadership Coaching and Mentoring programs are great for high potential and executive women leaders who are:


  • Entering a new level of leadership
  • New to the organization
  • Leading change
  • Mid to Executive Level
  • Ready to be promoted to the next level
  • Ready make a career change
  • Ready to develop a more confident and courageous approach to your leadership
  • Ready to find fulfillment in life and work
  • Ready to lead change more effectively

What do You Need to Thrive?


You need CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, & Organizational Savvy! You long for community, thought-partnership, and guidance.  A place….


  • Where you can go to be you, to be equipped, and to be challenged to show up bigger than you did the day before.
  • Where you can pro-actively brainstorm and mastermind how to handler personal, leadership, and organizational challenges.
  • Where you can learn how to stand out and not just been seen as one of many or stay stuck in the same role.
  • Where you can learn to overcome your fears and lead and live a more confident and courageous life.
  • That understands fulfillment is not just about job title or money, but it’s about finding out what’s right for you in this season of your life.


Why our Courageous Leadership System is right FOR YOU!

You will gain unconventional insight, growth, and transformational change with our  Our Courageous Leadership Success System™ for high-potential and executive women leaders.  This system provides a 360-approach to growth and development that will help you grow and succeed.

Courageous Leadership Success System™

Who You Are?

You’re either in one of three phases, on the fast-track, an established leader with pretty significant responsibility, or you’re ready for change.  You are a goal-setter! High Achiever! And your main goals in life are career success, career fulfillment, and a balanced (and let’s face it…exciting) life!


The day-to-day corporate grind can sometimes take it tolls.  The further you get ahead, the further you either fall behind or let me guess…the rules changed again and no one told you, right? However, you are ready to be promoted, be picked for the special project, be invited to “that” meeting, and don’t forget, be seen and recognized for the all the value and hard work you bring to the organization.


Whatever your story, whether it’s a new level of leadership or leading a new level of complex change, you are READY to change not only your career but your life!  You are ready to own the room, own your voice, and not only make a significant impact in your career but also live a significant and meaningful life.


As a way of inspiring and being a catalyst for career confidence, career change, and solid career contributions we created our leadership coaching and mentoring programs for high potential women leaders just like you or those in your organization.


What Your Frustrations Tend to Be?

Life would be grand if we could jump out of bed every day excited about the day ahead.  If we knew our morning commute led us to a day of great relationships at work INCLUDING our boss and the colleague that sits beside us but you just can’t quite seem to connect with.  A great week includes us showing up as our authentic self with a feeling of fulfillment, contribution, significance and can we have a little fun every now and then!


But, instead, you sometimes find yourself:


  •  Dreading to go to work in the morning, watching the clock, and feeling like you’ve made no impact at all on some days.
  • Feeling defeated and ready to settle and believe what you see vs what you know you are capable of
  • Showing up in meetings a different way than how you feel. All of those creative thoughts you had prior to the meeting somehow don’t come across the same way you planned them in your head, if at all.  You find yourself sitting in meetings, trying to figure out the best time to get a word in. Often times feeling like an outsider to the conversation than a participant, especially one that adds tremendous game-changing value.
  • Feeling fully equipped, ready, and eager to lead in a bigger way but instead you find yourself shrinking back
  • In addition, depending on the level and industry, you often times find yourself as the only “one” in the room. For many women leaders this experience and feeling can come in a variety of different ways from being the only women, to being the youngest, the only multi-cultural leader in the room, or all of the above.  The list expands when you get further into the diversity spectrum of marital status, religion, sexuality, etc.  Either way, being the only one in the room in just one of these categories can be intimidating for a leader no matter how high potential she is.
  • Needing someone to either think with and prepare for an upcoming meeting, project or career move that you trust


It is these circumstances above, that are by any means all-inclusive, along with the ever-changing unwritten rules of success that vary from organization to organization and sometimes even function to function that can masks the potential and talent of women leaders.  It not only masks your potential but it can masks your voice, confidence, talent, signature gifts, and leadership that often times gets lost in the sea corporate chatter and change.


Our Influencer Track is designed for leaders ready to have a powerhouse brand and be positioned in their organization as a go-to leader, thinking partner, and seen with a high level of influence.


If you sometimes feel:

If you are ready to:

  • Overly stressed by all the demands of your role
  • Like you are a great leader and influencer but want to continue to grow and hone your craft
  • You desire to continue to build upon your organizational savvy
  • Like you have to wear a mask
  • Like you want a thought partner outside of the organization whom you can relate to
  • Own the Room
  • Leverage your Voice
  • Get a seat at the table
  • Develop a Powerhouse Brand
  • Show up authentically
  • Change the Perception of how others view you…


This is the perfect track for where you are in your career right now and enables you to develop the powerhouse brand you are in need of and prepares you for promotion!


Core Areas of Focus & Development

  • Building effective relationships
  • Changing Perceptions
  • Developing the Leader within you
  • Discover your voice
  • Help! I feel stuck in my career
  • How to get noticed
  • Understanding your signature strengths
  • Personal Branding
  • Strategic Networking
  • The Power of Yes and No
  • True Authenticity
  • Work-life Balance
  • Sponsors, mentors, and more
  • Learn to ask!
  • Mindset


PROMOTION TRACK: The “Ready NOW” Leader!

Our Promotions Track is designed for the leader who is ready to change their perception and placement of to move from being ready in 12 – 24 months to being ready NOW!


If you sometimes feel like:

If you are ready to:

  • You are looked over for promotions
  • You work hard but never get the credit
  • You see others getting tapped on the shoulder for new roles and special projects
  • Your boss gives you inconsistent and unclear feedback on either what to do or what it takes to move up in the organization.
  • Be Promoted
  • Not only earn more money, but also earn your value
  • Be seen ready now for the next level
  • Crack the Code of your organization/industry
  • Put in the work that it takes to be promoted…


Then this is the perfect track for where you are in your career right now and enables you the opportunity to successfully pass through that middle of career stickiness and frustration that happens to most leaders.


Core Areas of Focus & Development:

  • Career Advancement
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Sponsors & Mentors
  • Career Milestones
  • Transition success strategies
  • Results-Orientation
  • Organizational Savvy
  • Career/Industry Change
  • Career/Role Readiness
  • Social Media Presence
  • Self-promotion
  • Leadership and Team Value
  • Leadership Circle
  • Culture Competence



CHANGE LEADERSHIP TRACK: Vision & Change Catalyst  

The Change Leadership Track is designed for leaders ready to have greater impact on the scope of change they are leading, successfully implement change, and work more efficiently across global functions and teams.


If you feel like:

If you are ready to:

  • You need a strategic thought partner to talk through the depth and breadth of change you are responsible for
  • You are overwhelmed with the level of change/responsibility you have
  • You need a sounding board and thought partner outside of your organization
  • It’s hard to create buy-in and associate engagement
  • Be seen as a change leader
  • Trust your intuition when it comes to leading change
  • Improve how to cast a compelling vision
  • Make a significant and sustainable impact through the change you lead
  • Have a strategic thought-partner who understands who to balance vision and implement change…



This is the perfect track an executive leader who wants to be seen as a visionary leader who knows how to implement sustainable change, transform organizational culture, and build effective teams.


Core Areas of Focus & Development

  • Change Leadership
  • Influence
  • Associate Engagement
  • Change Communication
  • Change Implementation
  • Team Leadership
  • Vision casting
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Building a powerhouse team
  • Rewards & Recognition


We have three powerful ways for us to help grow you,
your career and/or expand your leadership and influence:

Strategy Sessions

Change Strategy Sessions

We conduct half- day and full-day change strategy intensives with our clients either on-site or in Charlotte, NC.   These sessions are for senior women leaders leading large-scale change initiatives in their organizations across multiple-business functions, locations, and/or geographies.  We will spend the day looking at the two most important components to this type of change:

  1. What will it take to implement the plan?
  2. How will you lead yourself and your team through the plan?

Our Change Strategy Sessions are great for women leaders who:

  • Want a thought-partner and sounding board for leadership strategic change
  • Want to co-create a comphrensive change approach either for the change or how they plan to lead the through the change
  • Want to fully identify risks, ways to engage others, and more


On-boarding Strategy Sessions

We conduct half- day and full-day on-boarding strategy sessions with our clients either on-site or in Charlotte, NC.   These sessions are for senior women leaders either transitioning to a new role or a new organization.  We will spend the day looking at the two most important components to this type of change:

  1. What will it take to implement the plan
  2. How will you lead yourself and your team through the plan.

customized based on your personal and business needs/stage.  Our Business Intensives are great for entrepreneurs who are:

  • Ready for a business/brand make-over
  • Ready for change now
  • Big-Picture thinkers and need to see the whole process of their next steps
  • Looking to make major changes in their business within 90 days or less
  • Ready to invest in you, your business, and the transformation that’s needed

From time to time we host live group strategy sessions in Charlotte, NC and high-end business/leadership retreats in amazing locations!  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected to our events page for future dates!


1:1 Coaching

We offer 3 and 6 month coaching programs.  12 month clients are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Our coaching programs are for prospective clients who are:


  • You are ready to lead with boldness
  • You are ready to take risks and discover courage
  • You are ready to build a powerful brand
  • You are ready to leverage your voice powerfully
  • You are ready to be a game changer and change catalyst
  • You are ready to have a strategic thought partner who can provide valuable and objective insight
  • You are ready to earn what you are worth
  • You are ready to be authentic in both your life and leadership
  • You are ready to be fulfilled
  • You are ready to be at the top of your game
  • You are ready to be in charge of your career, life, AND schedule
  • You are ready to be a key influencer in your organization and community
  • You are ready to invest in your personal and professional growth

You coaching sessions are conducted bi-weekly and your program will include:

  • A jump start clarity call and strategy session with Melissa Nixon
  • Bi-weekly 45 min coaching and strategy sessions
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Bonus access and/or program discounts to events and other coaching programs


Are you Ready?

If you are ready to work with a coach who has:

  • Has led, impacted, and has proven results leading large-scale change internationally
  • Change expertise with an extensive background in team and leadership development
  • Authentic and transparent
  • Faith-inspired and LOVES women’s leadership


Then contact us today!



Due to our speaking and training schedule we only accept a limited amount private clients at a time across all of the Courageous Life Academy tracks.  If you believe that now is the time and you are READY for transformation, we look forward to exploring and starting a relationship with you!  Please complete your coaching assessment and our Director of Client Experience will be in contact with you within 24 hours.


Our Corporate Mentorship Program for Women Leaders – Accelerate

Executive Mentorship Program: (Click here to learn more)
Our mentorship program is a customized 12-month executive program for women leaders.  This program is designed for:

This program is designed to provide high-potential women leaders with a blended approach of high-level of support, coaching, training and accountability needed to learn, grow, and expand their influence on a monthly and quarterly basis .

To discuss bringing our Accelerate Mentorship Program to your organization email us at

Do You Know Someone? 

Are you the friend, family member, or colleague that someone keeps coming too but you know you’ve taken them as far as they can go based on your time and skill set?  Please refer them to the Courageous Life Academy.  Be sure that they let us know how they heard about us on their coaching application so we can send you a thank you gift should they become a client.


Where will you be in your career in the next 3 years?
What will it take to get there?
Who will help you get there?