About Melissa

View More: http://marcdhunter.pass.us/melissa-nixonMelissa J. Nixon ~Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Executive Leadership Coach, Courageous Life Mentor and more! 

Welcome to my online home!  I am excited to be living out my dream and fulfilling my life’s mission of helping women to live and lead courageously.  As a result, women around the world are being inspired and taking action toward their own passion and purpose.

I am a professional speaker, trainer, & leadership coach.  I spend my days connecting with the hearts of women and pushing them past their perceived boundaries to achieve goals that were once just a thought.  I am in total belief that there is so much more beyond where we are currently!  However, we have to be willing to take risks and go after it.  We have to be willing to do it again.  Even as successful women, sometimes we can allow fear and/or complacency to creep in to prevent us from take that next power move.  It happens to the women with masters degrees, Phd’s, 6 figure businesses, and even 7 figure businesses.  Dealing with fear, complacency, and stagnation does not elude salary grades, titles, or your net income.  It merely comes with the territory of being…human!

I spent years in Corporate America as a HR/Organizational Development leader helping leaders navigate large scale change.  However, I quickly realized that transformational change doesn’t happen with the most well thought out plan.  It happens in the heart of a leader.  It happens in the conversations behind closed doors connecting with leaders on their boldness, fears, frustrations, and how to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Throughout my journey, I’ve found that there are so many women who are like me.  They believe that there’s more to this current experience called life too. They want to live differently.  Lead differently.  They want to experience more joy and fulfillment.  I spent years feeling that way but here’s a little bit of my story of how I created the changes I needed!

My life:

I am passionate about helping women experience joy because I desperately fought for it in my own life.  I always seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster after suffering from traumatic loss, continuously battling my weight, and feeling disconnected from my purpose. After being tired of what seemed like a never ending cycle, lots of prayer, and truly discovering how to walk by faith, I transformed my life.  I talk about the principles and steps I took with everyone I meet.  I became vigilant about creating the change I needed. Now, living my purpose and delighted with life…I show women how to do and become the same.

My career and leadership:

I was once a nervous introverted leader scared to speak to anyone with a title after undergrad.  After developing my boldness and confidence, I became an advocate for change in my HR career.  I learned to successfully build relationships at all levels, lead large-scale change initiatives, and develop high-performing teams.  Even more so, I learned how to navigate a successful career as woman in highly male-dominated industry.  Whether it was a new job with an assignment that seemed beyond my skillset or using the simple power of words to speak life and encourage someone on my team, I discovered my courage to lead..

Many times I walked into intimidating situations, where I was the youngest person in the room, the only women in the room, or the only woman of color.  But no matter the scenario, I always remembered my God-given gifts, talents, and that I was there for a purpose.  And so are you!.

My business:

As an entrepreneur, I fully understand what it’s like to have a vision for a business that seems far from materializing.  I spent years either simply thinking about it or starting and stopping.  As with all entrepreneurs, I took the necessary risks to start the Courageous Life Academy.  It was a huge step of faith!  But after years of thinking about it and wondering what if, I am having the ride of a lifetime.  As a result, I show emerging and established entrepreneurs how to develop a winning mindset, know their value, and develop practical success strategies to grow their business.  You can have all of the best practices in the world but if you can’t get out of your own way and believe what’s possible, you’ve already failed.

Oh yeah…here’s some of the professional stuff, just remember to lead with your heart, not with a title!

  • Certified Coach, Speaker, & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team
  • MBA, Regent University ~ Organizational Development
  • BA, University of Virginia ~ Psychology & Sociology
  • 15+ years HR and Organizational Development Experience

Experience and expertise in:

  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Business Development
  • Culture Transformation
  • Associate Development
  • Cultural Competence
  • 360 Feedback