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Welcome to the Courageous Life Academy!

Discover Courage with Melissa J. Nixon

The place designed for women leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional women
to learn to live and lead courageously!
Your next power move is just ONE DECISION away!

About the Courageous Life Academy:

The Courageous Life Academy helps emerging and established women leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional women to develop courageous leadership and become power movers in their life, career, and business by developing a:

  • Powerful Voice
  • Powerful Presence
  • Powerful Mindset
  • Powerful Decisions
  • Powerful Personal Brand
  • Powerful Relationships
  • Powerful Legacy

We are leadership and personal development company with core service areas in leadership development training better known as our leadership experiences, coaching & mentoring programs, and other key learning experiences such as courses, retreats, and more.  We work with leaders to develop a way of living and leading that is authentic, courageous, and fulfilling.  As a result, our clients are able to celebrate business growth, business and team innovation and most importantly personal development as they make power moves towards their professional and personal goals.  Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, becoming a better leader, growing your business, or finding the guts to pursue your purpose and passion, the Courageous Life Academy helps you and your team to experience the growth and change you need.   

Courageous Life Formula™:

We help our clients to live and lead courageously by teaching them how to apply our
Courageous Life Formula™ to their life, career, and business.
Transformational Change only happens when we decide to show up bold, confident, and courageous in
our thinking, our connections, our conversations, our decisions, and in our actions!

Who should work with us?

Our commitment is helping each of our clients develop the clarity and courage to create transformational change.  We work with leaders, corporations, universities, and not-for-profit institutions who understand the power of personal growth to cause change.

Our Power Movers are: 

  • Women leaders at the mid-to-executive level seeking to expand their influence and leverage their position and voice powerfully
  • High potential and emerging women leaders seeking prepare for their next role
  • Emerging Entrepreneurs seeking to launch their business
  • Successful entrepreneurs seeking a to grow and expand their businesses
  • Women leaders and entrepreneurs who are seeking to live a more passionate and purposeful life
  • Professional women of faith who value the blend of faith & business and faith & leadership

We help our clients to create clarity around:

The right next step?
We all live in a noisy world, with multiple roles, filled with demanding schedules and obligations. At our most overwhelming moments, clarity can be the thing we need most.  We help you to identify the right areas of focus needed to determine what to do next and accelerate change.

What’s getting in my way?
There are many external factors that influence our life.  We  help you to  identify and breakthrough behaviors that produce the same unsatisfying outcomes.  We help you to get out of your own way.

How do I do it?
Even when we know the outcome we are looking for, we may not understand how to bring it to life.  And even when we do, we often times need accountability throughout the process.  We provide you with accountability and teach you how create practical success strategies.

What will it take?
There is no possible way to stay in our comfort zone and achieve the desired change we want.  Sometimes even the most practical success strategies take the most amount of courage.  We help you to take the necessary risks required in your  life and leadership.

Our Goal:

We want every women we work with to say